Editor's Notes

Castle XI decided that it was about time I start giving more credit to all the individuals that grace and honor me with submissions each month. So on the credits page I did paragraphs for each department. I do hope many of you will check them out, as I talk about their work, other work they’ve done for Legends, etc. Almost a brief synopsis of each of my submitters from artists to writers. I rather enjoyed writing it, so I think I’m going to continue it in future issues.

One of the things some of you readers will notice is that the Red Expendables Review didn’t appear on the Table of Contents. That’s because Mr. –X–, a.k.a. Kim, had so many projects going this past month that he was unable to complete it. If you visit Castle X (click the sidebar…oh shit! This isn’t the web!…uh, you’d see why. Castle X has undergone some major reconstructive surgery recently. And the MODPlug Page, official download site of the new sound-format software that’s sweeping the net and getting rave reviews, is also at Castle X and run by Kim. On top of that he’s working on Beta 2 of the Random MOD Spinner which I quite enjoy (listening to it right now as I write this, actually). It’s all there at Castle X so check it out. And be sure to drop him a line and remind him about that review, as he’s promised it for April’s issue. ;) My apologies to Red Expendables however.

Pan PagesWell, since I raved about Kim’s site it’s only fair to rave about my own, yes? The Pan Pages have gone through two very interesting things this past month. First of all, I actually caught up with all the stuff that sat in my cache log to put up in the future; pictures, downloads, jokes, you name it. Completely caught up. Which means at the time of this writing just about every section has something new in it. So check it out at

Also, I’m finally able to say something cheesy like, “The Pan Pages: Over One Million Files Served!” That’s right, in the 59 th week of stat-keeping the total hits for the Pan Pages has crossed one million. For the geeks that are interested, my hit stats only include .HTM, .HTML, .TXT and .ZIP files, so as you can see it’s only the relevant files and doesn’t count every GIF on every page.

I think I’ll stop my onward babbling now and let you get on with this issue of Legends Magazine. Enjoy! And that’s an order…

Marcus Pan, Editor
February 25, 1998 @ 12:58AM