The Polishing Of Metal Contest

By Derek McDonald

So? You think you are a record collector, eh? Well, how well do you know your artists? Let's find out.

Over the past year on both the RRCA site and Legends Magazine you have had the opportunity to preview a book now in the making: THE POLISHING OF METAL - The Condensed History Of Heavy Metal Rock. I hope you have enjoyed it. But there is one problem - IT'S NOT DONE! There is much more work to do and you can help.

Here's what is needed: I need volunteers to research and report back to me every Heavy Metal Band that has ever graced the surface of the earth. What I need is the following:

Needed Data:

1. Band Name
2. Latest recording label
3. Sub-Genre
- Classical/Progressive
- Thrash
- Death
- Glam
- Grunge
4. Country Of Origin

Bonus data:

1. Date of founding
2. Date of Ending (if they are extinct)
3. Latest/Last band member line up
4. Name of any album they did
5. Catalogue number of recording mentioned in item 4
6. General statement on band
7. Pictures

Rules of play:

1. All submitted bands must have pressed at LEAST one single, demo or album that was sold either in stores or via mail order to the public.
2. All names submitted must be REAL, immediate disqualification of ALL your entries if even ONE cannot be verified.
3. All items from the NEEDED DATA section on this form must be submitted.
4. Applicants can enter as often as they like but each submission is treated as a separate application (you cannot submit your list in parts over time).
5. Yes, you may submit your band for inclusion.
6. A MINIMUM of 20 items must be on your list or it will not be considered.
7. Only unique items will be counted towards winning, duplicates from other contestants are ignored if you submit the same. (If you plan on sending me "big name" bands then send a list of "obscure" ones as well to make sure that some of your submission is counted).
8. My decision on the winner is final.
9. All submissions become the property of Derek McDonald and the Rock Record Collectors Association. Sorry we cannot return items.
10. It is your responsibility to clear up any copyright/trademark infringements that may occur with your submissions.

Ok, and how is the winner decided? The person who submits the largest list which covers ALL of the NEEDED DATA and more of the BONUS DATA on each band than anyone else will win. Basically: Judging is on QUANTITY AND QUALITY.

What is the prize? Well, you will get your name plastered into Legends and on the RRCA site. Also you shall receive the INDENTITY-3D CD compilation (published by Century Media). No, it's not much, but it shows my appreciation for your work and gives you a sampling of today's latest artists as a trophy. ALL submitted items will get publication on the RRCA web site as well as being included in the book.

Where do I send my lists? Please submit your list to one of the following addresses:

POST : THE RRCA C/O: Derek McDonald
Re : Polishing Of Metal Contest
126 Martindale Ave.
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 4G7

Please remember to include your return address. Only the winner will be contacted. If you wish to participate but do not want to compete for the prize then please say so on your submission. Although submissions will be accepted until further notice the prize contest ends midnight April 6, 1998.

This contest is held with participation from the following sponsors:


(c) Copyright 1998 Derek McDonald and the RRCA.