CharlieGertieWelp, this turned out to be a rather short issue. I hope you all still liked it as much as the other longer ones. I still put as much effort into every issue, regardless of size.

I’m excited about some upcoming debuts for Legends beginning next month. Next month, May, Legends No. 78 will bring you our latest comic, Brian Brewer, and his strange little aptly named character, Charlie the Cannibal Chicken. Following that will be his special comic strip debut in issue 79. Exclusively made for Legends Magazine, Gertie Goth will be a character I think you’ll all enjoy and Brian and I have plans to run that comic every month.

Also, Legends No. 78 will be the Drug Special Issue 2, featuring drug related topics including original debuts by Tweek and Jeff Laymon. See you all next month!

Peace, Love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan
April 1st 1998 @ 10:37PM