Editor's Notes

Just got up from a nap a little earlier. Feeling quite good now. Could probably bang this issue out in no time, really…guess we’ll see what happens.

SealThis issue we have some returning regulars from alt.gothic such as Brother Cadfael, James T. Stanton and Cymbeline. Also, the first time Kim Kraft’s a.k.a. Mr. –X– ‘s work appears in Legends since the cover of Legends No. 61 way back in May of 1996, the Red Expendables review is in this issue…his first written submission. I’m hoping he can find the time to continue the music reviews. Also, since we’re on the subject of music reviews, The Lighthouse Keeper has offered to do some reviews of new CDs hitting the streets. I’m hoping to run some of his reviews real soon. And since we’re on the subject, any other music hounds proud of their Goth CD collection that would like to do some future music reviews in Legends? I’m waiting to hear from ‘ya! In addition, coming soon is a new comic strip exclusive to Legends Magzine. Gertie the Goth by Jack should be a hit. I also hope to get in touch with Calamity Corner for more of his characters like Captain Crabby.

Also next month in Legends No. 78 hitting the streets in May, is the Drug Special Issue II. See the Afterword at the back of this issue for what to expect in that one. I haven’t done a Drug Special Issue since Legends No. 68 in January ’96. It’ll be fun to do another one.

At Legends Online, the Cover Archive is up. Legends Online is at in case you don’t know that already. In addition, the Legends Synopsis is up as well so you can see what has appeared in all the issues Legends has put out. See something you like? Back issues are still available for $5/each!

Well, that’s about all I have to talk about this issue. Shout out to Loki who bought the largest amount of Legends copies at one time. Thanks man!

I’ve finally somehow managed to find the time to open up my AD&D campaign of Albinor and I finished the Dungeon Master’s Notebok 2 nd Edition as well. You can expect to see more game-playing articles in future issues of Legends Magazine…talking it a little further back to it’s roots.

Peace, Love and All The Trimmings…

Marcus Pan, Editor
March 25, 1998 @ 11:09PM

Says Bill Clinton About Legends Magazine:
“It sucks…Thas’ why I read it every month!”