You’ve reached the end of another issue, and this one was put together in record time as you can see by the time stamp below. I have a lot of great writers in this issue so I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. I’m rather pleased with this one.

Also, I’m interested in starting a music review column. If there is anyone out there with some time on their hands, submit your music album reviews via e-mail to or snail mail them to Marcus Pan, 4500 Bordentown Ave., Suite 159, Sayreville, NJ, 08872. I hope to start up this column soon. I prefer the music being reviewed to be new, but it isn’t imperative. If you feel you have a good CD that is a little on the older side, write something up and give it a try. You never know what I’ll take to print these days. Also, anyone interested in writing in and commenting on anything in Legends is encouraged to do so as well.

Now I’ll give everyone a peek at Legends #79 for June, 1998. First, as I’ve been mentioning for a few months now, Brian Brewer’s exclusive monthly comic series for Legends Magazine will debut with an estimated five page kick-off; “Gertie Goth.” Besides that, Legends #79 will be a very literary issue. Songs of Albinor will return with Number 16 and the Albinor Chronicles will be seen again for the first time since February’s Legends #75. Also in June’s issue will be the first part in a new serial novella by Richard Lovig, known more fondly as “Jack” in alt.gothic. Entitled “The Undead Kid,” it is a wonderful debut of yet another fine writer from the net.goth scene. And if that’s not enough, throw in another high-caliber rant from the infamous Lighthouse Keeper, founder of the Gothic Writer’s Guild (e-mail for information), and you have an issue of Legends that’ll make the casuals run for cover.

So I’ll see you next month kiddies! I have nothing else to say, so I think I’ll just increase the text size on this page to annoying proportions and call it done. (snicker)

Marcus Pan
April 26th, 1998 @ 11:57PM