Editor's Notes

Welcome to another issue of Legends. This month our main theme, as it says on the cover, is drugs. We have an article from Professor Alan Young discussing the current state of the “War on Marijuana,” as well as some humorous views such as the combination of THX and THC. Also this month Knightmare returns with a co-op writing with myself reviewing a recent goth/industrial night at a club in Bound Brook and a poetic piece by G.G. Mason, whom we haven’t seen in seven months. In addition, the Songs of Albinor return this month with “Felro Calendra.” And we round it all off with the debut of Brian Brewer’s “Charlie the Cannibal Chicken,” who is also bringing us Legends’ exclusive monthly comic series, “Gertie Goth,” scheduled to debut in next month’s Legends #79.

A well-rounded package, I think, this month. And being put together on time no less, which is pretty good considering all the other projects I have going these days. You can visit the Pan Pages at to see what I’ve been up to. There’s updates there on projects such as NetSquish, Concordant Opposition and the Gothic Writer’s Guild. So check that out for more information on the upcoming offerings from Inferno Publishing.

Another item of note these days is talks of moving the Serpent’s Inn ( to the Pan Pages for stability, speed and ease of updating. At current, there are six chapters up on Serpent’s Inn that take you through my AD&D campaign world of Albinor. If you like fantasy, as most of the readers of Legends do so it seems, be sure to check out Serpent’s Inn written by yours truly and illustrated/designed by Ravven of Darkangel.

Another thing you’ll notice is Legends bringing back more of the fantasy/gaming genres of writing as well. I’ll still keep the goth culture & music themes as well, but you’ll see the Albinor Chronicles, Songs of Albinor and game playing articles returning more often. I just recently completed the Dungeon Master’s Notebook 2nd Edition, so I have a ton of gaming rule modifications that are fit to print. So there’s plenty to look forward to.

I’m going to finish up here kids, and finish up with Legends 78. I’m hoping to have this issue out days before the first of May hits. Besides, that’s about all I have to talk about at current anyway. So I’ll catch you on the back page.

Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan, Editor
April 26th, 1998 @ 9:40PM