Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Songs of Albinor No. 15
“Felro Calendra”

By Marcus Pan

Corellon lead
His company.
Into the books
Of history.

Into lands
Of magic pow'r.
Fellowship four
To mage's tow'r.

Through the forest
Of Cannol-trees.
Into the cliffs
Of great Glantri.

Through perils great
And terrors untold.
They remained strong
With hearts of gold.

With toughened steel
And bravery.
They fought back
The misery.

Blood they spilled
Sometimes their own.
In honor of
The elven home.

Pushing hard
And striking swift.
Forging through
And scaling cliffs.

With strength displayed
And skill of hand.
The four cut deep
To mage's land.

The First Age now
In Albinor.
Thankful to
This fellowship four.

Felro Calendra
Praise to thee.
Four of bravest
In history.