N.G-DThat'll do it for this issue. I put it together surprisingly quick, I'm happy to say. I think this issue came out rather good…I'm pleased with it anyway. Precisely the same size as last month's too. Next month I expect it to be around 20 pages yet again, but I have over a half dozen items selected to appear. It could end up more.

GertieIf you can't wait until next month, be sure to check out Legends Online ( available at a World Wide Web browser near you. You'll find a cover archive that spans Legends' 8 years of print, a synopsis index that contains listings for everything we've ever printed (back issues available) and a downloadable electronic copy of the latest issue. Eventually I'd like to have the full text of everything that appeared in Legends, but that's going to be one helluva job so I'll let that one lie a bit so I don't get so busy I throw myself off my balcony. :)

Serpent's InnAs far as Gertie Goth, I've been bugging Brian regularly. I'm hoping he can get the first episode out to me by the 20th of August so I can debut in Legends No. 80 for next month. I've also been getting a lot of requests for more of Charlie the Cannibal Chicken which appeared last issue.

Pan's DownloadsOn my other projects (for those that may be interested), here's the news. The Net.Squish project has been completed and the Net.Goth Directory ( now has direct linkage to the Net.Goth Pix ( site from within individual members' registrations. Serpent's Inn ( has returned with "Settlement's End" after a two month hiatus. Pan's Downloads ( still gets about 70% of all hits within the Pan Pages. The IDT Sucks site ( has undergone a frames-capable facelift for easier reading. And those are just the highlights…all in all I've been pretty fleepin' busy.

IDT SuxSo, see ya'll next month… Peace, Love and All The Trimmings!

Marcus Pan, Editor
July 26, 1998 @ 5:09AM