Editor's Notes

Pan PagesOk, so I took a couple months off. It was quite unavoidable considering the projects I was into. I've put a lot of work into my online arenas, such as The Pan Pages ( and the Net.Goth Directory ( as only two examples. There are others as well, but those were the two biggest I think.

N.G-DAnyway, I'm back now and hoping I can continue to bring you the best issues I can at least for a few months before I consider taking another vacation again. I have a lot of good things going on. Now, granted, Brian Brewer didn't finish Gertie Goth in time for this issue, but I'm still working on him…kind of. But I have picked up some new writers and have some interesting things going on. Dan Century will begin bringing you music and concert reviews in the upcoming months including this month's review of London After Midnight's "Oddities" ( CD. In addition I'll have upcoming reviews of Betty's Trash's latest, "Beauty Sleep," Mara's Torment's "Dreams Like Mine" and more.

London After MidnightAlso this month the Lighthouse Keeper returns with "Freaky Bitches," another alt.gothic (news:alt.gothic) reprint. And Jack begins Legends' newest mini-series this month with "The Undead Kid." It's four parts and will run continually through to Legends #82 and hopefully, by then, I hope to wrangle some more out of him.

More alt.gothic rants and reprints coming up in the next few months with writing by Trickster, Cymbeline, Lighthouse Keeper, JohnnieB, Jeff-Boy, Klaatu, Grimm, Tom Fosdick and many more so keep reading. Enjoy this issue…even if it was two months late.

Peace, Love and All The Trimmings…

Marcus Pan, Editor
July 26, 1998 @ 2:44AM