Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Songs of Albinor No. 16
“Flicker, Flitter, Fly”

By Marcus Pan

Flicker little flitterlings,
Tend your mushroom crop.
Ward off those of evil mind,
Charm them, make them stop.

Sight beyond mortal lie,
Thy powers we behold.
Flickering in shadows of dark,
With brilliant lights of gold.

Flicker little flitterlings,
Fly in soft twilight.
Scenic view 'twill not forget,
For 'tis a wondrous sight.

Weary travelers hope to find,
Thy ring of colors true.
Red, orange, yellow too,
And bright and shiny blue.

Flicker little flitterlings,
Take care of weary hearts.
Treat them with tender care,
Don't let them stumble in the dark.

Those that need a loving hand,
Who've traveled far and wide.
Need thy care and friendliness,
Flicker, flitter, fly.