Editor's Notes

By Marcus Pan

Welcome to Issue number 8 of Legends. To tell you the truth, I didn't think this magazine would make it this far. I figured it would barely make it past 5 at most, but it seems I was wrong. It's still going strong, so why end it?

First, I want to apologize (again) about the late arrivals of issues 6-7. The backlog of copying to be done is tremendous. But sooner or later we will catch up.

We have some new people submitting things to the magazine regularly now. Expect to see illustrations from Reggie and Jessy starting in Issue No. 9. Bradley, another writer/illustrator debuts with some small items in this issue. We are still waiting for Arganatheon Chapter 2 from Mar-ee. We are hoping for some more work from Erric Z., and still waiting for Frank & Glenn to enter some work. But I am happy to say that it seems interest is beginning to spark up more, as I am gaining more submissions. But there is a shortage of writers, and it seems I am still doing 99% of this work. I could use some more article submissions…Fiction, game playing, poems, prose, etc…Send it in. Enjoy the issue.