Editor's Notes

Pan PagesI'm back from the Toronto based Convergence IV convention of net.goths. I met a long list of great people and had one of the best times I can remember. Toronto has an excellent goth scene there with some very nice clubs and venues. I sampled a bunch of them. For more information on what I did in Toronto and the people I ended up doing it with, the Toronto Chronicles are in this issue. Hope you enjoy it. A good portion of it was written while in Toronto so that I could remember as much as possible.

Also in this issue Jack continues with the Undead Kid. This serial will last until around Legends No. 82. After that I'm looking at a serial called "The Traveller" from Andrew Fritz. From there we may also be running a serial called "The Coin" from timly grae, and so it goes. As far as the Gertie the Goth comic series, I haven't heard from Brian Brewer in a long time and figured that I might as well give up on it.

In addition to the future series from Legends, there are a few other things in the works. I'll be working with Dan Century to convert all the older non-computerized issues of Legends into PDF archives…this includes the re-layout and re-typing of all the old issues going back to October of 1990. From this I will be able to extract all the articles we've ever ran so that they will, someday, all be available in full at Legends Online ( This is a huge project however, so don't look for it anytime soon. Just keep your eyes open…Dan and I will be working on it.

In future issues we'll have more music reviews coming your way both from myself and Dan Century. We'll be reviewing My Scarlet Life's "Trypnotica," G-11's "Nationalism," Orisha's "The 3 Stalagmites," Mara's Torment's "Dreams Like Mine" and Firmament's "Open-Eyed Ascension" just for starters. Send your latest music to Legends Magazine, 4500 Bordentown Avenue, Suite 159, Sayreville, NJ, 08872. We will take tapes, CDs, and it matters not whether it was produced in your garage or a studio. All goth/ambient/darkwave/industrial types welcomed and reviewed. Reviews in Legends get full pages. None of that six reviews to a page bullshit. And you'll get a copy of course. Send 'em off!

Look for future covers from Mixy, Lee Alverson and hopefully Desdem0na who did a good deal of the artwork for the Convergence IV website and laminates. Also look for essays from The Lighthouse Keeper, Tom Fosdick, Douglas Rosich, Brandon Harris, OddlyStrange and many more. I have so much coming in that I'm going to have to do a double sized issue just to catch up! I love it…keep it coming!

See ya'll on the back page…

Marcus Pan
August 29, 1998 @ 4:00PM