By Cymbeline

A bright star in a blackened sky,
So perfect he could be.
The most beautiful man in all the land,
And he dreamed of only me.

We walked through the fields within the night,
And he told me fairy tales.
'Bout turtles and frogs, and pizza logs
While we strolled through the grassy trails.

One day a man not quite so happy
Got jealous of him and me.
So with his power, he did devour
A love that was meant to be.

This evil man had an evil plan
To get me for his own.
So as swiftly as given, my love was driven
Away so I was alone.

But the moon never beams with out bringing me dreams
Of the love forever mine.
And the stars never shine 'till I see the dark eyes
Of my darling, my darling, my dear valentine
--- In the fields inside my mind
--- Where we're together for all time.