Rants & Essays

Poems Introduction

By Marcus Pan

Poetry is a funny subject. The poems I've written are some of the best pieces I've done. Pieces like "It is Left To Your Heart" and "Solitude Plains" are some of my best works from fantasy, poems, essays or any of my other genres. But at the same time, it is deeply personal. The reason why it is some of my best work is because it is highly personal. I've gone out on a limb and printed all of the ones I have so far in Legends Magazine already (there's one or more even on Legends Online). But this is the first time I've put them all together.

The poems you will read are representative of parts of my life. They represent parts in the fairly-distant past (I haven't written a poem in three or four years) that I can still distinctly remember. They were recorded and bound chronologically (although the dates are unknown to me) and you'll notice how the entire collection goes from a bad time, through a good time and ends once again at a bad time in my life. Life is hilly terrain, indeed.

I haven't written a poem in so long not because I don't have material to write. On the contrary, I have plenty of emotions to write from these days, all of them good as my life is currently on an upward hill. The reason is because poems take me a lot longer than ordinary material. Other things I can write quickly, just tapping out my thoughts and moving along at a rapid pace. But with poems you can't just type out your thoughts. You have to get them out then arrange them, order them, mix them up so they sound appealing. It's a much different process all together. "Solitude Plains" alone, one of my best works, took me nearly two weeks of constant word tinkering. It's a lack of time that keeps me from writing poetry right now. With the family, web sites and all these other projects moving along at once, I don't have an hour or so each night for a week to forge a new piece. Someday I'll start again, adding them to this collection one by one as they come out. But as of right now, I just hope you enjoy the ones I've done so far.

And if you find yourself interested in knowing more about the details of my shady life that the poems may relate to, I wouldn't suggest asking unless you're really close to me. Like I said, poems are very personal. I am, in fact, releasing them with reservations.