Still unmotivated, but at least I managed to finish this issue before I locked myself in my room for a while. So enjoy. If I’m not around alt.gothic or IRC or anything much anymore it’s because I’ve been uninspired and don’t want to subject everyone to my depression. It’ll pass…it always does.

Anyway, next issue you already know what reviews to expect from Dan Century (see p. 21). You also know the conclusion of “The Undead Kid” will be there. I’ll have a few alt.gothic faces as well and I expect it to be a bigger issue than this one because I have a lot of things I’ve been holding for later print. Legends No. 82 will have a lot of what I’ve been holding for one reason or another. So look forward to it. Hopefully I’ll find my inspiration by then.

Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan
October 3, 1998 @ 11:52AM