Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 27
“Another Try”

By Marcus Pan

September 9, 006

Stefan called, "Come in." as the guardsman knocked at his council halle door. A chain-clad guard entered.

"Paladin Johannesonne Lobanna to see you, sire." he said. The duke did a double-take. The Paladin of Ishtar? Here? His thoughts were occupied on the Valcor and Saraya mission. They had been successful, met no resistance and were accepted into King Karl Guildmaster's court warmly enough. They had stopped here on their journey up north back home to Threshold. Now, these images shattered, he found himself wondering why Lobanna came to Krakatos to seek his audience.

"See him in. Now, guardsman." he answered.

"Yes, lord." Moments later, he found the Paladin of Ishtar, Paladin Johannesonne Lobanna, seated across from him.

He seemed very young with a boyish face and youthful smile. But his eyes were a deep blue with purpose behind them. He greeted him friendly enough. He was rather tall, over seven feet, and wore plate mail that was scuffed here and there. A small, purple and red parakeet sat on his metal shoulder and twittered gaily. The paladin bid the bird to be quiet saying, "Now Sweet Song. Belay your twittering and show respect to the king." The bird quickly quieted, shifting from one foot to the other on Johannesonne's shoulder. Stefan's eyes were drawn to a large, naga-shaped necklace that hung about the man's neck. Also hanging there was a small gold staff, the symbol of Ishtar, and beads of prayer. "I hope I am not keeping you from something of more importance, lord."

"No, my friend. What brings you to Krakatos?" asked the duke.

"Business. I am sure the war against Entropia has no doubt attacked your coffers as well as land. I can relieve that." answered Johannesonne.

"How so?"

"I want to create the country of Lobania and do it within the frontier. I have seen a patch of land, about a square mile. I wish to purchase it from you.

"What area?"

"At the conjunction of the Shire River and Entropia River, between them. I offer a million in gold."

"One million?"

"Aye. To purchase the land, pay homage to you and help in the war." Stefan ran it over in his mind.

"The terms are accepted Johannesonne, my friend, fellow king and ally." Johannesonne smiled a warm smile. Duke Lord Stefan Karameikos III has given Lobania another try.