Another 30+ issue this month. I'm not surprised, really, I picked a lot of things to go in here so I was half expecting it to be large in size. However, I have some things working out in my current life that require more attention as the months wear on, so you're going to see the sizes of Legends drop again to 20 or so pages each. What with career development, large-scale changes on the Pan Pages and my upcoming wedding scheduled for the Spring Equinox of next year, I'm going to be quite busy. I'll need to cut down on issue sizes to handle the larger sizes of other projects.

Next month we're going to step away from the music reviews just for a moment and start doing the same for books with my new series, "Off the Shelf," which some of you who post or lurk in alt.gothic may remember. Also to help celebrate the coming of the new year I'll be kicking off a new series, "Legends - The First Five Years," which will give those interested a good history of this zine. I'll also have some reprinted humor form Dave Barry, a bit about new musical concepts taking back their drum & bass roots from Dan Century and Brian Brewer finally comes back with his next vision of Charlie the Cannibal Chicken. And I do have the first set of Gertie Goth! Coming soon my friends…and this time I'm sure because I have it in my hand and am staring at it as I write this. So see you next month!

Marcus Pan
November 29, 1998 @ 2:32AM