Editor's Notes

The Legends Archive Project is becoming rather huge. There are only about 25 issues left I have to type in. Dan Century, who is handling the scanning and digitizing of the original art in issues only available previously in hardcopy, has been getting backlogged with the amount of typing I did over this past four-day (Thanksgiving) weekend which was somewhere in the vicinity of 100 pages or so. But that isn't the reason that Legends #82 was postponed until December (although it did help). The reason was that I had to attend four weddings, one each weekend, for a one month period. One after the other. And then Thanksgiving hit…I haven't had a weekend to myself in months.

But the zine is back now. Right now you can view the fruit of my labors at Legends Online ( and see the full text of all the articles we've printed in most of the issues we've done since 1990. So be sure to check that out…and I'll be putting up more issues as Dan finished up the scans and I finish up more typing.

I have very little to talk about here on this page, so I guess I'll just let you all have a go at it.

Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan
November 28, 1998 @ 7:44PM