Tape Review

Orisha - "The 3 Stalagmites: Songs That Grow On You Like Lime"

By Dan Century

Totentanz IIDid you ever get drunk and end up sleeping with a total freak? Sure, the sex was great, so you make the mistake of sticking around until morning. By then you're sober and you realize the person you just fucked is totally insane - damaged, probably grew up in Sussex county New Jersey, has an extensive collection of Roach Sisters and Laurie Anderson records...I'm beginning to develop TMJ just thinking about it.

You give them a fake number, but they still find you. They find out where you work and they show up and they ask your boss if he "gets high"... Just a total nightmare.

My point is that's what this Orisha demo is like...like a doorway to someone else's insanity. An insanity that should be avoided - at all costs. Three songs that make you change your phone number. You don't want Orisha calling you the next day.

"Crazy girls," on the other hand will really like this tape - or they'll become jealous of the singer and want to claw her voice box out and please be my guest. If you deal coke out of you parent's house, study aroma-therapy at the community college, make your own candles or had a really horrible experience at a Frat house you'll like this tape.

My advice: Seaside could always use another Alanis Morissette cover band.