Very short issue this month. Just over half the size of last month. With that in mind I planned nearly twice the material in February's issue, so hang in there. Besides, now that I've completed this in less than a day regardless of accidentally falling asleep early this morning when I didn't want to, I can go right back to the Legends Archive Project and make a huge push to get that completed by year end as planned. Dan says he can get another batch of scans for me next week. So we just might do it yet.

Serpent's InnNext month we have two sets of reviews. Dan Century will return with a review of local Jersey act G-11, an industrial/noise, almost Ministry-style music group. You may remember mention of them in the Palace club review by Johnnie B and I back in No. 78 (May, '98). In addition to that, the "Off the Shelf" series by yours truly will continue next month with a review of Stephen King's "Needful Things." Also returning is Brian Brewer with another cartoon of Charlie the Cannibal Chicken. Jean Croix from alt.gothic brings us an essay with "What Are You Supposed to Be?" And more, of course. Cover art, by the way, is by Lee Alverson.

Lee Alverson has just taken over the illustrations for The Serpent's Inn, an online chapter series of the fantasy genre that I write which was originally begun with Ravven about a year ago for inclusion in the DarkAngel Webzine. The next chapter of The Serpent's Inn, "See the Future," is set to debut in January, '99. If you're interested in checking out the nine chapters already there and illustrated by Ravven, set your browser to

Well that's it kiddies. Hope you enjoyed this month's issue and I hope you are here to keep reading next month. I promise it will be larger in quantity. Soon we'll start running some more game playing sections and increase Dan Century's review area to include movies as well. That, of course, is after we finish the Legends Archive Project - this, by the way, has become my default answer to why I haven't done anything lately. :)

Peace, love and fare thee well. Say g'nite to Mother Earth before you forget. She went to sleep just under a week ago…

Marcus Pan
December 27, 1998