Editor's Notes

It's the day after Christmas here in Sayreville and the apartment only looks slightly better than the bomb-ridden Baghdad. At least my girls are quite happy with their haul. Mine was fine…I'm just not into this whole Christmas thing. But it's over now. All that's left is the New Year party coming up…another excuse for people to drink until their stomachs bloat and then stagger around stupidly. Not my scene.

Anyway, I didn't feel it necessary to put off this issue. The Legends Archive Project isn't completed yet, unfortunately, but I still wanted to keep the month-by-month issues going without pausing. Looks like we're going to miss our year-end deadline by a week or so on the project. Amazingly, I'm not all that upset about it. Usually I'd get all mopey and depressed but since I made it through another of these Christmas things I'm rather happy about that and it seems to overshadow not being done with this project. At this point, Dan has issues 57 - 60 and issues 31 - 34 to complete the graphics scans on. And I still have issues 35 - 40 to type in and pass off to him as needed. So we're not all that behind. All the other issues besides those I've listed above are available at Legends online,, so swing by and check those out. The full text of all articles and the downloadable PDF files of each issue is there for your enjoyment as well.

This issue Dan puts down the music reviews for a bit and instead talks about a new trend in current music with the return to older drum machines and sequencers. We also kick off a four-part series, "Legends - The First Five Years," that I originally wrote when the Legends Online site debuted quite a few years ago. We also begin another new series of mine, "Off the Shelf," that reviews books. And lastly Brian Brewer finds his way back to his cartooning desk to bring another installment of Charlie the Cannibal Chicken. You'll see other cartoons of his in future issues including the elusive Gertie Goth.

Peace, love and all the trimmings… (but NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
December 26, 1998