Off the Shelf


By Marcus Pan

I've been doing more reading than I used to recently. You never do know what I am going to read next. Could be anything, really. Since there are a lot of other readers in the newsgroup alt.gothic that I frequent quite often, enough so much that Thessalia felt inclined to create the Alt.Gothic Booklist (located at page, I started to review the things I've read. I would post them originally to alt.gothic, actually, since it was done specifically to benefit them and maybe create some interesting discussion threads that we can enjoy above and beyond the "Are cum stains on black sheets Gothic?" posts (yes, there really was a post of that nature there recently). But as I started to read more and writing Off the Shelf reviews for all books that I did it became large enough and with enough entries to warrant its own section in my writings collection (previously the first two sat in "Rantings" until I had enough to generate its own collection).

Why I started doing this is clear in what I wrote above. But I have also found that creating these reviews has helped me with my own writing projects in such a way that analyzing a book more closely forces me to analyze my own things more closely and generate better stories. So if it can be said that providing interesting posts to alt.gothic is the reason it began then I must say that the help it has provided me with my own works is the reason why it continues.

There is a rule I have. Never throw away a good book…pass it on to someone else who might enjoy it.