Well, this issue turned out rather long! Next issue, scheduled for release in April (I'm attempting to get back to the monthly schedule after skipping February), should be even longer. We have a ton coming out next month.

Another debut on the cover with art by M C Poirer, first of all. And I'll have more reviews from Dan Century and Haydn Black. Writing debuts from C.M. Plante, Ron Cecchini & Klaatu also. The continuing saga of Gertie Goth from Brian Brewer, Legends - The First Five Years and the IDT collection will go on as well. Julian Draven returns and tells us this time a little bit about his dancing style…much to everyone's amusement I do expect. And more.

See you next month, kiddies. After the Afterword this month Brian Brewer would like to address you. See below.

Peace, love and all the trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Open Letter to Legends Readers

by Brian Brewer

Well, here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it took so long. All I can say by way of explanation is that if I had given you what I had done before, you would have thought it to be crap, just like I did before I tore it up.

Hope you like Gertie. I'm a bit in love with her myself, as much as any creator loves his creation. Any questions, suggestions, complaints (other than the tired old, "Hey Stoopid, get sum art lessons!") can be sent to This initial episode is dedicated to Pan (surely one of the more patient men I have met in my lifetime) and a.g.'s Necroangel, who's net.goth picture provided the initial inspiration for Gertie's look.