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Legends Settles Copyright Issue With Steven Stone

February 16, 1999

Legends Magazine, after accidentally printing an image belonging to artist Steve Stone under the belief it was public domain material, has settled the dispute with Mr. Stone hours after the discovery. The accidental breach of copyright occurred on the cover of Legends No. 83 released in January, 1999. The image is officially known as "Chrome Sea" and is the creation and property of Steve Stone. The two have agreed on an undisclosed sum that would allow Legends No. 83 to continue with its distribution and not involve lawyers or legal procedures.

"I'm very sorry this happened," stated Marcus Pan, editor of Legends Magazine. "The image was sent to me by someone who claimed it was public domain. I don't have any records of who that was, but I believed them enough to use it. I can't apologize enough to Mr. Stone for what happened and am glad that the matter was taken care of as quickly as it was. I'm happy with the outcome…Mr. Stone deserves payment when his work is used as any artist would." Mr. Pan also stated that he's quite embarrassed about the whole affair and will take steps to make sure this never happens again, including the disuse of any public domain images whatsoever.

The contract agreed upon allows Marcus Pan a single use of the artwork, allowing Legends No. 83 to continue its distribution unhindered. The Legends Online redesign will continue as scheduled and the release of Legends No. 84 should follow shortly thereafter in March of 1999.

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Legends Magazine has been published since 1990 and is one of the longest-running fanzines in the country. It has grown steadily in popularity in the SCA, RenFair, Penzic, RPG and Gothic societies and subcultures. Legends Online debuted on the World Wide Web in late 1995.

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