Editor's Notes

Well, I had a bit of a problem last issue. The image used on the cover of #83, which I had thought was public domain, simply wasn’t. I straightened it out as quickly as I could and all’s well now, but it left a nasty taste in my mouth and I publicly announced that I might end the zine. But everyone was right…I can’t. See the Press Release on page 5 for more.

Deathjester's LunchboxAnyway, this issue we have a number of writing debuts. Jean Croix and Starblood both appear with reprints of their Usenet articles, “What Are You Supposed To Be?” and a review of the Bauhaus show in Toronto. Julian Draven makes a debut this month as well with “Ooh, I’m Very Scared.” I have enough to continue his appearances in Legends for another few months! Check out the Deathjester’s Lunchbox for more from Julian. Simply enter the following into your web browser:

Additionally, the Legends Archive Project is now completed. All issues of Legends ever printed are available as downloadable PDF files and browsable pages at Legends Online ( Check it out…and try not to hold the past silly-looking issues against me, ok? I’ve come a long way.

That’ll be all for the Editor’s Notes this issue, kiddies. Peace, love and all the trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
February 28, 1999 @ 10:17PM