Tape Review

G-11 - "Nationalism"

By Dan Century

NationalismSomebody woke up on the wrong side of the drum machine today and that somebody is (a blast of trumpets) Pete Maenner, the sole band member of the electro-industrial terror known as G-11. Pete is extremely angry - angry about racists, politicians, pollution, police, white male Christians, flag waving patriots - you name it, Pete probably has a beef with it. Pete, thankfully, expresses his anger through his music rather than lobbing grenades into the plush velveteen laps of mall Santas or crashing a piper-cub, chock-full-o' plastic explosives, into the Empire State Building. I'm glad that Pete is angry and I'm glad he is able to focus his anger in a positive way, because the day is going to come when he goes crackers and walks to Wal-Mart with a Mac-10 - or becomes a jaded old corporate robot like the soulless bastard writing this review.

After a few listens to Nationalism it's obvious Pete wears his influences on his sleeve. G-11 borrows a lot from Skinny Puppy - the distorted vocals, creepy synths, pounding drum machines, blast of white noise and the poetic, broken prose vocal style of Nivek Ogre. Fortunately, for all of us, Pete takes the Puppy formula a step further and makes it his own. G-11 is crude, harsh, raw and guttural. G-11 is hate set to a beat! At times Pete sounds more like scum-bag punk rocker GG Allin than Ogre or anyone else!

The percussion on this demo is exceptional - very minimalist and dirty - like a mix of a 909, and pile-driver and a cracked manifold on a 74' Coupe De Ville. The synths are nothing special, but Pete's programming is flawless and they provide adequate support for the rhythm and vocals. Perhaps the most remarkable quality of this recording is that it sounds like it was recorded live (there's no crowd noise, so my guess is it wasn't) - like you brought a Walkman into a G-11 show and taped it yourself. Very unusual.

Pete is awful angry, but, fortunately for us he has an awful lot of talent too. My advice to Pete is focus on production - lose the recorded in a basement sound, some of the Puppy influence and he'll be in good shape. I would definitely recommend seeing G-11 live, and (here's the best part of all) you can call him any time (609-584-7302) and book a gig. To quote the liner notes: "I will play anytime, anywhere. Just give me a ring, or drop me a letter."

Contact Information:
Post: Pete Maenner, 13 Charles Way, Trenton, NJ, 08609
Phone: (609) 584-7302
Alternate Post: 1875 Chris Ct., Vineland, NJ, 08360