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Serpent's Inn Reopens With New Artist

February 16, 1999

After over a year of service working with Marcus Pan as the illustrator of the Serpent's Inn chapter series of fantasy stories, Ravven of DarkAngel Webzine has left the position due to time constraints. DarkAngel Webzine has also been released months back as the "final issue." After a couple months of deliberation, Marcus Pan has asked Lee Alverson, previously known for his works on Legends Magazine covers in recent months, to take the position as new illustrator of the Serpent's Inn. The Inn reopened less than a week ago featuring Lee's new art beginning in Chapter 10 of the series.

The request by Pan that Lee take over with the illustrating of the series was explained by Lee who said, "It was a shock to be asked to fill some big and very talented shoes. I will try my best to keep up the fine standard that was begun." The artistic style between Ravven and Lee differ greatly; Ravven using a generally macabre background for her work with darker coloring and undertones whilst Lee uses an Elfquest-similar theme with more of a cartoon-like flair with brighter coloring. The change from Chapter 9 to Chapter 10, where Lee's work begins, is obviously apparent almost immediately.

"Though different and changed, I don't feel the switch from Ravven's work to Lee's is a bad one. I'm very pleased with the results thus far and think I will continue to be." When asked about Ravven's leaving, Pan stated, "The loss of Ravven as site designer and illustrator to my stories was a tough one for me to deal with. But I've been enjoying writing these works so much that I refused to stop. I will continue to write The Serpent's Inn and Lee will hopefully continue to illustrate them."

The layout and designing of the Serpent's Inn website itself was taken over by Marcus Pan and slightly altered for a more universal look throughout the pages. Pan also stated that he expects to be on schedule and plans to have Serpent's Inn Chapter 11 ready for release by mid-March.

About The Serpent's Inn
The Serpent's Inn is a fantasy chapter series written in a first person format that was designed to be a part of the DarkAngel Webzine. It debuted in September, 1997 and featured the original Albinor Chronicles and Songs of Albinor as written by Marcus Pan as well as original writing by same with illustrations and artwork by Ravven. Ravven discontinued her work with The Serpent's Inn in late 1998 and the artwork and illustration for the series is now being drawn by Lee Alverson.

About Legends Magazine
Legends Magazine has been published since 1990 and is one of the longest-running fanzines in the USA. It has grown steadily in popularity in the SCA, RenFair, Penzic, RPG and Gothic societies and subcultures. Legends Online debuted on the World Wide Web in late 1995.

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