Editor's Notes

That's right kiddies, this is the "Really Big Issue." It's huge. It's gargantuan. It's got over twenty articles ranging from music and book reviews to essays and humor. Whether or not I break 50 pages and set a new record remains to be seen, but hell it's worth a shot.

In music Dan Century ( keeps the reviews rolling in with discussions of Chika's ( "Little Ship Head" and DivaNation's ( release Cicatrix - "The Ritual Scarring." That's not all for him this issue. He also covers Mara's Torment's ( "Dreams Like Mine" and Firmament's "Open-Eyed Ascension." In addition to the review of his CD, one-man Mara's Torment takes time out to answer a few questions with new writer Jett Black in his interview this issue as well.

On returning folks Brian Brewer continues his saga of Gertie Goth this issue and also takes a page out to introduce us to her cat in Katso. Haydn Black returns with a bit more music if everything we talked about in the last paragraph wasn't enough and Julian Draven returns with his take on dancing and the emotional trauma involved therein. Albatross is back also with another poem.

Hope you enjoy this issue. I'm going to start putting it together…it's going to be a big one. But I mentioned that already…

Marcus Pan
March 24, 1999