CD Review

Mara's Torment - "Dreams Like Mine"

By Dan Century

Dreams Like MineI have no idea why Mara is tormented, and "Dreams Like Mine," a 13 song CD of ambient electronica, offers no clues.

Mara's Torment has a very minimal sound - each song seems woven from only two or three instruments, tones or rhythms - yet, each song is both unique and enchanting. Ric MacLean, the one man mastermind behind Mara's Torment, intelligently and artistically mixes disparate and haunting themes - mysterious alien moans, terrestrial bells, Asian scales, tribal rhythms, bubbling synths - yielding a truly beautiful, lush and comforting soundscape.

Much of Dreams Like Mine sounds very familiar. In some songs I hear a little Orb, Cyberactif, Download and even Dead Can Dance circa their first album - maybe not the same sound, but the same vibe, the same tone and spirit.

Mara's Torment's minimalist sound and uncommon sonic palette sets it apart from contemporary ambient music. I'm glad to say nowhere on this album will you hear a watered down hip-hop beat providing the rhythm track.

Dreams Like Mine offers some of the most relaxing and soothing sounds you'll ever drift off to sleep to, however, the music is never boring. After a night of heavy partying and raucous coitus, Dreams Like Mine will provide the soundtrack to your dreams.

I still have no idea why Mara is tormented.

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