That does it for issue 86, kiddies. Next issue we'll continue our music streak featuring both an interview with Margot Day and a review of her latest release, "Sacred!" We'll have some returning and new writers appearing next month. The Lighthouse Keeper tries his hand at storytelling this time with "Pigeon" and RPM returns with another ghost story, "Sleep Lab Ghost." I'll be reviewing the next in Adams' Hitchhiker series with my Off The Shelf review of "Life, the Universe and Everything." Sabian will debut with his essay "The Separation of Three" and we'll also have Mixy putting pencil to paper this time to appear both on the cover and inside with his true story, "Speaker Blast."

In addition, Legends is opening a new column…check this out. Patrick (aka RPM) has proposed the start of a regular column in Legends. Patrick is the only person to be awarded a B.A. in Psychology and Parapsychology from a California University and has investigated the Paranormal for 25 years. He specializes in states of consciousness, sleep/dream anomalies and "haunting" phenomena. Start sending in your questions for Patrick of anything that has affected you that no one else has been able to provide a satisfactory answer to and he will pick out the best of these and present it in his column "Ask Psiguy" that is scheduled to start next month! Send your inquiries directly to him at or mail them to me at the contact address for Legends Magazine listed at the bottom of page two.

Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan
April 26, 1999