Editor's Notes

Jessica's CrimeAudraMornin' everyone. I write this the day after my 28th birthday. A bit of bumming stuff went on last night…nothing to do with my birthday but combined together they make King's adage of the Gunslinger ring true; the world is moving on. The bumming stuff is the breakup of D*Generation, a punk rock outfit out of NYC some of you might have heard of (singles have been on the air waves and they've been touring quite a bit recently). Deeman and I made it to Coney Island High last night to catch their show…the last one they are planning on doing according to the band themselves. The horror maaan…

Something of interest to you goth/industrial events and bands out there. I'm accepting flyers, cards, whatever to be placed with the Legends mailings. No charge. Just don't send me a fifty page media kit and expect me to pay for that postage…smaller things only. Full pages if you like, but no more than a couple if so. Contact/mailing address to send your stuff so I can put them in issues that ship in the future is on the bottom of the Credits page.

NeedulhedMargot DayAdditionally I'm still accepting CDs & tapes for review. All music reviews get at least a page as always and demo tapes are fine. The music portion of Legends is increasing tenfold…reviews for Margot Day's "Sacred," Audra's "In A Dark Room," "Psychosemantic" by Jessica's Crime, Nedulhed's "Pave the Planet" and many more in future months. Keep 'em coming in, my friends, and as always thanks for the support!

Dive in kids. Peace, love and all the trimmin's…

Marcus Pan
April 25, 1999