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IDT's Upgrade - Where Is It?

By Marcus Pan

I'm sure you've all been following my problems with InDecent Terminals (or whatever it stands for) over recent months. You all remember the problems I've had in the past (what support?) as well as the new ones that appeared after they attempted to upgrade (what's a connection?). Connection rates dropped, "routers" blew up and more. I was lucky to connect at more than 20Kbps/s at any time during the day or night.

Well, recently, I have been getting pretty good rates of 24Kbps/s again like I used to. The login interface is the same as it was before. And the network speed is back to where it was prior to the introduction of the "upgrade bugs" as I've come to call them. What I want to know is, why did I go through that month of serviceless hell? What did I gain? My connection speeds, network traffic and login interface are all the same as it was before their upgrade.

Hey IDT - What happened to your network upgrade? I think they screwed up too much and just put everything back the way it was before…