Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 28
"Opening of the Book"

By Marcus Pan

April 1, 007

The spell known to mages as "Read Magic" is a powerful tool. With such a simple, first-power spell a mage can further his knowledge and power. It is a hard spell to get as very few prestidigitators begin their careers with this tool in their books. Without this spell, a mage may not read any page of magical script other than his or her own without first enchanting it with this spell. Scrolls become useless for those without such a spell and those who so not have it can not further their knowledge and must be content only with the spells they know first off. Unless, of course, they learn it.

The most powerful spellbook in Albinor, acquired though it was, is useless. Garron Koluna, Mage Prince of Glantri and secret keeper of this tome, does not have the spell "Read Magic." Longing day after day and night after sleepless night to open this book and acquire the knowledge within, he can not. Pining away, he sends a plea for help saying that anyone with this spell please come to Koluna Castle to teach it. And, indeed, they have come to him.

They are Veteran Valcor, Veteran/Prestidigitator Saraya and her sister, Prestidigitator Roxalin. A long way they have come, from Threshold in Karameikos. And, finally, Mage Prince of Glantri Wizard Garron Koluna may reap the knowledge from the late Mage Prince of Glantri Wizard Krandor Dakon's spellbook and become Albinor's most powerful wizard in history!