Music Interview

Seraphim Shock

By Jett Black

Seraphim ShockI spoke with Charles Edward, front-man of Seraphim Shock, in February. Mostly we talked about scene social politics and dynamics in general. Charles had launched The Temple (Colorado) a couple of times and had great success with it. From all reports, the Temple was the ultimate in Southern Gothic hospitality. It drew many dark popular live performances in addition to performances by Seraphim Shock. Much like Sanctuary, in Milwaukee, the Temple opened its doors to pre-18 aged nocturnes as well as those legal-to-drink.

Excellent reviews of Seraphim Shock's beyond capacity and record sell-out live performances across the U.S. are too numerous to list, however, I will note that they have crossed over several musical genres to be reviewed in 'zines as diverse as OUTBURN, Interface, Masquerade, Circus and Shadowed Sky. All that and a few more in 1998 in response to Red Silk Vow, recorded in 1997.

Seraphim Shock members have been diligently recording a new release, Nightmares for the Banished. This new release is expected to be available in early May. You should be able to pick up a copy at the shows in Texas.

Red Silk Vow is available now! On Red Silk Vow you will find rich contributions from electronic, Gothic, Black Metal, and even some crafty Industrial influences.

Recently interviewed bass guitar player David James took a few moments and crafted the following responses.

Red Silk VowNumerous favorable reviews pertaining to live and recorded music produced by Seraphim Shock reflect how well Red Silk Vow blends and effectively transcends at least 3 genres of music: gothic, industrial, electronic and some even say black metal. How have you come to compose and perform this music which crosses over the genres so well?

It is my belief that Charles and I have grown up together musically in Seraphim Shock and our individual influences have really taken us where we wanted to go creatively.

Have you chosen a title for the next release? And when will fans be able to purchase it?

The new CD is entitled Nightmares for the Banished and should be available for mail order in early May. We have some small distribution through Metropolis so your local record store can also contact them. There is also Digital Underground on the Internet where you can order the CDs with a credit card.

Press release information indicates that you plan on launching two U.S. tours. When and where will the first tour begin?

Tentative bookings at this time seem to have the tour starting in lovely Kansas City, MO on May 11th followed by a very fast drive to New Orleans.

Which cities in Texas will Seraphim Shock be touring? Have any dates been set for that portion of the tour?

Seraphim will be playing Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio the second week of May.

"After Dark" frequently surfaces in reviews as the popular favorite on Red Silk Vow. It is also the track featured on your video. What songs will receive the most focus on future recordings and video releases?

Watch for Little Gothic and Some Sick Dream off NFTB. They both carry an element of romanticism and dark sexuality.

Which songs will be included on the new 6 track maxi-CD?

The songs are Upon a Time, Little Gothic, Cradle, Mommy Strange, Some Sick Dream and Molly's Web.

Which songs will be included on the set-list for the first tour this year?

Set list is still being worked on at this time but we can say it will be a good mix of both Red Silk Vow and NFTB.

Seraphim ShockWho will make the band member list for these tours?

The band members are Charles Edwards vocals, David James on bass and the change of guitarist who is Michael.

What looms on the horizon for Seraphim Shock?

Bigger and more ominous stage designs. Seraphim Shock is going to tour, release new music, tour, release new music, tour... No, seriously. Seraphim isn't a band that will take five years between CDs and we are definitely a band that lives for performing live.

The music industry is currently in the midst of another upheaval. As a band which, amazingly, remains unsigned how does this turmoil in the music industry impact Seraphim Shock?

It doesn't!!! We will continue to do things our way and the people that stand by us are the diehards and the rest of you are MTV fluff. We are in this for the long haul and are certainly not the flavor of the month.

What other developments will Seraphim Shock likely experience prior to laying the old millennium to rest?

We feel that 1999 will be a major stepping stone for us. We are somewhat of a well kept secret at this point.

How have your recordings evolved from the band's inception to the most recent recordings?

We are certainly much more aggressive than we were in the summer of '93. Without losing the ability to be melodic.

What changes (if any) are planned for the band in 1999?

We have a new guitarist which did not change the sound but will enable us to tour like we wanted to in 1998 and a new stage show with extras that will be coming on the road with us! We are very confident that people will respond favorably to the Nightmares '99 tour...the audience will know they have been to a show!!!

How might fans reading this be most likely to contact your band for more information?

E-mail to and check out our web-site at Snail mail to:

Seraphim Shock c/o Requiem Records, 8973 W. Harvard Dr. Lakewood, CO 80227.

We love e-mail and are truly genuine and nice people if not a bit cynical. Send pictures to

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