Ok, so I admit I called it a bit larger than it turned out to be, but still we've pushed by last month's issue size nonetheless. You can see a bit of what to expect next month at the bottom of the previous page, but for those that are reading only the web site version of this month's Legends I'll recoup for you. We'll have more interview/review combinations from the like's of Jessica's Crime, Deathwatch Beetle Repairman and one of my new industrial-style favorites, Needulhed. Interviews were done by Jett Black as they usually are, but this time those reviews will be done by yours truly. Dan Century doesn't appear next issue, but he will return shortly thereafter - he's currently working on reviews for the latest from Ministry and KMFDM. I'll also review the last Douglas Adams book I've read, "So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish." You'll also see a review of Lucid Dementia's "Twisted" (which I happen to be listening to right now - contains one of my favorite recently found tracks, "Cannibal") and interviews with The Machine In The Garden and Let Me Dream as well.

For those that read Legends more for its literary content, next month will see Douglas Rosich's "Sunrise" appearing (and I apologize to him for the long delay in this) as well as "The Body Snatchers" by newest poet Elaine Dawn. Julian Draven and my own Albinor series will appear further in the future as well. I'm also going to be scouring alt.gothic and the web for new essays & stories - I want to increase the fantasy, fiction and essay aspect of the zine in future months. So start posting your best!

Also in the future for Legends is a more standard font/lettering style for easier reading and the use of drop caps (which actually started this issue). Favorites Alderek, Emperor7 and R. Patrick Murtha (who has already wormed his way into this zine and even began hosting his own column - see page 5 of this issue for details) of the Surreal RAYn online art gallery ( will begin appearing on covers in future months.

The sun's coming up now as I approach the far end of an all-nighter. Sure, the wife's going to bitch, but I'm rather happy about the work completed as the night roared silently o'er my head. I'm going to start printing this monster-sized issue out now and continue my reading of Stephen King's "Wizard and Glass." Bands, labels & publishers - thanks for the continuing support and keep those submissions coming!

Marcus Pan
May 23rd, 1999 @ 5:58 in the AM