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Ask PsiguyWelcome to Ask Psiguy. I'm educated and professionally interested in all things "Psi" in nature, and I'm a guy...go fig! From a very young age I've been aware we are sharing our world with lots of energies that cannot be explained well by current scientific theories. I've had non-chemical Out-of-Body experiences, seen things that have no conventional explanation, had dreams that foretold the future and a hundred other things that defy the laws of physics as they stand today. However, and this is a BIG however, I am trained as a professional observer. I *would* say scientist, but I only have a Bachelor of Arts degree with an additional year of Graduate study in the fields of Psychology and Parapsychology so I don't want to misrepresent myself. I believe strongly in using the Scientific Method whenever possible to examine evidence presented as being paranormal. I believe also that one must keep an open mind and use both science and personal experience to explain the things we see and feel. My specialty is in the field of States of Consciousness research, particularly sleep, dreaming and those states related to those. I've also done 25 years of field research into haunted houses, poltergeist phenomena, UFO's and other Fortean events. Please, when you send me a question or an experience you would like my comments on, include as much information as possible. Who, what, when, where, et cetera. If I choose to include your question in the column I will most probably paraphrase your experience along with my comments, suggestions and explanations. If you ask me to, I will keep your correspondence confidential. I reserve the right to choose those things I include in the column and ask you not to take it personally if you are not included. Do NOT send me dreams to interpret; however, if a dream is a part of a larger experience, say, sleep paralysis or a precognitive dream, that is appropriate and details are welcome. Ok folks, that's what I'm all about and I hope to help you answer for yourselves experiences that you currently have no answer for, using the latest theories of Parapsychology and my own experience.

-- Psiguy

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