CD Review

Mara's Torment - "Across For Show"

By R. Patrick Murtha

Across For ShowRik Maclean has done something, with Mara's Torment, that many have attempted but very few have achieved. He has managed to tap into the basic resonance of life, of the spaces we inhabit, of the Universe itself. Mara's Torment is all about vibration, of feeding back to us those singularly unique properties of the living organism that is our bodies and our brains. No, not our brains; our MINDS. The distinction is important. As I listened to Mara's two discs, first "Dreams Like Mine" (reviewed in Legends #85) and this CD, "Across For Show," I was struck with how easy it was to allow it to mingle, just behind the eyes, as I worked at my computer, while I read a book, wrote a letter, drove my car. Easy, not because it is uninteresting and so, easy to ignore, but just the opposite. It was easy to listen to because the music flowed at the same vibrational frequency as the activity in which I was involved; it complemented my book, it paced my typing, it smoothed out the commute, it helped me to relax, it helped me to cope, it helped me to learn.

If you have a really bad day, the kind of day that is full of stress from all around, listen to Mara's Torment. If the noise from outside distracts you from writing that paper for class, put on the headphones, cue up "Across For Show," moderate the volume and just watch the writing flow. If you are spiritually inclined, if you meditate, if you are a wannabe out of body experiencer, Mara's Torment is just what you've been looking for. I've been an explorer of altered states of consciousness, both personally and professionally, for 25 years. I've listened to and produced for myself scores of "mind altering" tapes, some better than others...well kiddies, here's a CD that's off the shelf and works without having to screw with it at all in CoolEdit; you too will be transported not only out of your body, but into another space altogether. I guaran-damn-tee it, or I'm not the only person ever to be awarded a B.A. in Parapsychology from the State of California. The only torment that "Mara's Torment" causes me is deciding the order of the play list of the 2 CDs! Buy "Dreams Like Mine," buy "Across For Show," buy Mara's Torment…you need it.

For More Information:
Mail: Mara's Torment c/o 2 Manning Ave. #1, Toronto, ON, M6J 2K4