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By Jett Black
Photos by Jason Olsen & Bones
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Think of electronic-industrial music wrapped tightly around a dark metal train spike and you might find yourself listening to Puncture. All 14 amazingly well-constructed tracks off "Immune," Puncture's most recent CD release, distinguish the smashing excellence with which they were recorded. In a moment of electronic distortion, Per Nilsson unravels the details wound up inside of Puncture.

PunctureWho is in the current line-up of Puncture?

Current line up for Puncture is

Rick Perry - vocals, guitar
Per Nilsson - programming, samples, synths
Mike T - guitar, vocals
Mark Powell - bass
Jeff Mouck - drums

Will this line-up be changing before your next tour?

Do not know. The base of Puncture will always be Rick, Mike, and me (Per).

ImmuneWhen will you be touring next?

Whenever we get another record contract and our next CD comes out.

When will you be recording next?

ASAP. We have all the songs written already, but we have no label behind it yet.

What concepts will be woven into the next recording?

More electronics.

What is the title of your latest and next release?

Our last release that came out in 1996 is called 'Immune.' Our next CD is titled 'Extra Super Crush Machine.'

What changes in style & membership has Puncture undergone since its inception?

We played for five years without a drummer. We got our first drummer in 1997. It made our live shows even better. Also, we did not want to open for GWAR without a drummer for seven weeks. Them GWAR fans would have killed us. We now have a new drummer since our first one left for another band.

What has been most effective in holding the band together?


What changes (if any) are planned for the band in 1999?

It is hard to tell at the moment since we are labeless. To be resigned is our main goal at the moment.

PunctureHow would you describe your band's music that is ultimately performed and recorded?

Hard and heavy!

Which musical classification would you prefer to be known for?

Hmm, for the people that wonder what kind of music Puncture does, industrial metal. But not really coldwave. Puncture is a little heavier.

How would you describe their evolutions from the late '80's to today?

Industrial has finally embraced sampled break beats or loops.

What other bands have you worked with in the past that have influenced your style(s) since then?

After Pitbull Daycare opened for us a long time ago, we realized that having a live drummer does work. I have been working on a side project with James from Of One Mind. It is different from Puncture. No guitars so far. GW from Soil and Eclipse and I were working on something back in 1997, but it did not work out due to time constraints. And GW now moved to Califonia. I am in Dallas, Texas.

Where might fans specifically look for the most recent reviews of your music and interviews with band members? Any soon to be in print?

There are a few interviews online that I have seen. I am going to link to those from the Puncture website soon.

Looking back upon the progression of your music, how have your messages evolved throughout the evolution of the musical styles?

The messages have not changed too much. The lyrics are more personal than about industrial type things.

What experiences have been most influential in the development of your music?

Mainly listening to other bands. Rick usually writes the lyrics to reflect his own personal experiences, but someone else that read the lyrics can put their own meaning to them.

What do you believe is lacking in the industry that if added would stimulate evolutionary growth and creativity?

More support for the underground. The majors pretty much tell people what they should listen to these days. It would be great if a major would tell people to listen to PUNCTURE. :)

What barriers do you perceive exist in the industry that prevent evolutionary growth and suppress creativity?

Money. I am not talking about selling out, but a little money helps.

How do computers, and (additionally) the Internet, impact how the band presents itself?

Now it is much faster to communicate with us through email, et cetera.

Do you utilize computer technology to develop the music itself?

Yes. Our recorded music is mainly electronic except guitar and bass.

Who would you say characterizes the personality types of people most likely to identify with your music and its messages?

It is hard to tell. A lot of metal heads like Puncture as well as industrial people.

Where have you found the largest positive support for your music?

In very unlikely places. When we toured with GWAR, people in "unhip" cities were more into it than people in cities that have more things happening. New York was an exception. Those people went nuts.

Puncture Live

What activities occupy your time outside of recordings and performances?

Television and Internet.

What might you describe as the worst thing to happen in the music industry in the past five years?

Puncture without a record contract.

What problems have you experienced with audio during your live performances in the past?

Oh, man. There are too many bad experiences. We are very particular of what we want in the monitors and not.

What really adds to your personal satisfaction of your own live performances?

People hurting each other while we play. Mosh mosh!

What do you like most about performing live?

The energy of our shows. Also, meeting and greeting new and old fans.

How do your recordings generally evolve?

Rick and I write almost all the music. It takes us forever to actually finish writing a song. After it is written, we put the sync on tape, and then record the sequenced parts as a scratch track. Then guitar, vocals and bass are recorded.

Who usually guides the band through these evolutions?

Rick, Mike, and I are the three that work on the recording parts, so all three of us guide each other through the recording process.

Which writers/artists/film-makers have had influence upon the development of your music?

Front Line Assembly for electronics, Voivod for the discordant sound, Skinny Puppy for atmosphere, and Geto Boys for attitude. We are very influenced by cheesy b movies, et cetera.

Does your band appear in any music video or video compilations?

Not at this time. We did a video back in 1994, but it was never finished. It was directed by the same guy who did Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" video.

How might fans reading this be most likely to contact your band for more information?

Through our webpage: or you can snail mail PUNCTURE at

PO Box 172248
Arlington, TX 76003