CD Review

Puncture - "Immune"

By Dan Century

ImmuneTexas is a pretty obnoxious place. Hell, Texas is the most obnoxious place in the world! Every Texan is hooked on something: drugs, alcohol or Jeezus©. They all drink and drive and everybody owns a gun, or knows someone who will be right over with one. There's loads of sexual tension too - what with the preachers telling you what not to do - hell, just try to get laid in Dallas without an "eight-ball" and a BMW. Texas may be the only place in the world where you can buy a gallon Big Gulp of Dr. Pepper (prune flavored cola), walk into a bathroom and see a guy snort coke off a girl's asshole (a true story)*. And lest we not forget, Texas is the reason that Kennedy's dead.

Puncture is from Texas and they're as obnoxious as you might imagine. They're not fruity obnoxious like the Bloodhound Gang, or "ethnically challenged" white kids rapping over metal riffs obnoxious. Puncture is obnoxious like they kick your ass, curb-jaw you, take all your shit, sell it for crank, grain, gasoline and guitar strings, and then they go and kick your mother's ass! Wow!

What do they sound like you ask? Imagine the hardest moments of KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Rammstien, the Deftones and Ministry - and imagine music that hard all the time, not just for a song or too. Granted, at times, Puncture might sound exactly like any of those bands, but every Puncture song is quality, unlike KMFDM, who squirts out only one or two good songs per album. Puncture is 50 megatons of beats, noise, Slayer riffs, hate, fuck and kill dropped on your ass!

How are the lyrics you ask? In a word: awesome. Puncture covers all the subjects and more: porno, bondage, murder, Sado -masochism , Satan, drag, smokin' drugs, "browneyes," crabs (not the sea food), fisting, "machine orifice adapters" and other good stuff! These are angry, doped up, sex maniacs! No other band has captured the raw, angry, mean, hateful, drug addicted, sex obsessed, gun worshiping underbelly of Texas like Puncture. They deserve a Pulitzer Prize! They deserve an Oscar! They deserve your $13.99 for their CD. Check these lyrics: "monkey can't spring me I'm immune / they can't beat me I'm immune / cops can't catch me I'm immune / bullets can't stop me I'm immune!" Damn, they're like superheroes from planet hate!

If you love obnoxious, Slayer riff, aggro/industrial madness - the best the world has to offer - pick up this CD today.

* An except from my soon to be released epic novel: Dan Goes to Texas and the Freaky Shit He Saw. I have stories that will make Hunter S. Thompson shit his own eyeballs!

Contact Information for Puncture:
Mail: Puncture, PO Box 172248, Arlington, TX, 76003-2248

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