Well, that does it. Finally I break the fifty-page mark by a dozen. Now I'm tired. Don't expect this too often - the Legends pocketbook is going to suck wind this month, I'll tell you that much. But damnit, I'm happy as shit about how this issue turned out! I'm still surprised I trudged through it considering my disposition, but karma will take care of me - and those others - as needed. Tenfold, baybee…tenfold!

Anyway, let's see what we got coming for next issue. On the music side, which still remains strong, we have conversations with Deep Red, Collide and Noxious Emotion. Dan Century reviews the recent releases by Ministry and KMFDM. Julian Draven returns with the first part in his autobiographical "Vegas, Baby" and Psiguy brings us another spooky story with "I Wish It Were BUT A Dream." He also brings us the first "Ask Psiguy" column…he writes about it below from Legends' secret underground lab of the cabal (there is no cabal)!

"In the next Legends, I will be addressing the issue of Ouija boards because this question arises more than any other. And also the questions surrounding why children seem more psychic than adults. I hesitate to address the Ouija board issue due to its not being truly in the realm of the parapsychological, but it is obvious to me that there are many people out there using them. So, with that in mind, I will cover it's use, it's history, what others have experienced while using them, the proper way to use them, the scientific exploration of those who use them and what one should NOT do while using them.

Remember, you can write your questions, addressed to me, Psiguy, at I cannot possibly answer all questions sent to me (I've received more than 50 in just the last week), but I will try my best to answer those questions addressed by the majority of those who email me or write to me at the Legends address. Remember also that if you do not want your name used in the column, please say so in your email. In future columns, I will address the issue of Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, haunted houses and other apparitional phenomena. Hurry up and send in your questions!"

And there you have it. A quick view into what to expect in August. I'll see you all next month kiddies - I'll let you know if karma smacks the dolts by then. ;)

Peace, love and all the trimmings… (but NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
June 28, 1999 @ 11:08PM