The Body Snatchers

By Elaine Dawn

Unaware, they come in the night
and steal your son away
cloning the one you love
barely noticed........until that day

The day when the kisses stop
no longer are hugs allowed
the sweetness and that sun shine smile
are no where to be found

You'll miss the closeness
cuddling the memory in your mind
asking where is the one I love?
every day looking for a sign

Blaming yourself, then "just growing up"
knowing nothing of the truth
for unheard of is the myth of the body snatchers.....

entry given solely to the fairy and only for the tooth

One day they will return him
many years will have passed by then
you'll see that sun shine smile once more
when he laughs out loud, you know it's him

© 1999 by Elaine Dawn