Editor's Notes

Welcome everyone to Legends #88. I seem to be horribly unmotivated for one reason or another this month, so bear with me. I did my best.

This month we fly by NYC to talk with the superhero undead themselves, Needulhed. We grab a copy of their awesome release Pave the Planet on the way out and run it through our brains. While there we snag a copy of Zoar's soundscape release of Cassandra and Rat Bastard takes us for a trip around that CD while Jett gets Michael to sit down and chat while we make our getaway. Then we stopped by Canada to have a chat with the Deathwatch Beetle Repairman. Also this issue we cover Lucid Dimentia, Jessica's Crime, Distorted Reality, Dissonance and more.

Outside of music we have RPMs second part to the Sleep Lab Ghost story, Elaine Dawn makes her poetic debut with The Body Snatchers and I review So Long, And Thanks For All the Fish in my Off the Shelf column. Enjoy!

Marcus Pan
June 27, 1999 @ 3:58PM