CD Review

Dissonance - "Dissonance"

By JohnnyB

DissonancePan turned me on to this CD sampler from a band he wanted to review - a set of four songs from an album of theirs. After playing the first song, I knew I had to buy the album. For the most part, the rest of the album bore out that initial impression. It's not a smashing powerhouse debut, but a good solid showing of a band with varied sounds and talents that'll grab your attention and hold it without your understanding why. As a musical term, dissonance "suggests unrelieved tension that requires resolution." The band Dissonance creates unrelieved interest that requires listening.

DissonanceIt's hard at times to classify just what genre Dissonance the band fits into. Listed by CD-NOW as a Rock/Pop album, it's not quite your traditional industrial band, although it does have some hard driving sounds such as the first song Desolation. Dark vocals with a near-rock musical backing, it makes for a good first release. Then, once you have them figured for Pop-Industrial, it turns to the layered vocal harmonies of Cat Hall, the band's lead singer, in Not.

The eclectic sound of the album showcases the bands talents in a variety of ways. From the powerful Desolation to an almost technical display of vocals in Not, it ranges into a plaintive Wait (For The Sky) and to a hip-hop-like Calculated, always with an underlying rock beat provided by David Sebrind's synthesizers. Generally, with the possible exception of the percussive Rage, the music takes a back seat to Cat's entrancing voice, sometimes rough and ready, sometimes seductively smooth. Perhaps because of that captivating voice, they seem nearly inadequate to the task, wanting for a little more depth and variety.

Overall, the album, and the band, are bound to garner an appreciative following.

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