CD Review

Distorted Reality - Demo

By Rat Bastard

Distorted RealityMy initial reaction upon first looking at Distorted Reality's demo was something to the effect of "Oh Joy. Another band created from the fabled 'InstantIndustrialBandName Generator,' and apparently the same model which churns out gems like 'Fractured Implant,' 'Synthetic Demise' and 'Silicon Abyss.'"

However, after actually listening to it, all I have to say is: This band ROCKS. Forget the fact that the name sounds somewhat cliche, as the music more than makes up for any superficial nitpicky annoyance caused by first impressions (and hey, at least they didn't use any of the aforementioned example names). The only appalling thing about this demo is the fact that it hasn't gotten any more exposure than it has.

This demo offers five tracks of excellently crafted dark electronic pop, with lush female vocals, energetic beats, and nice synthwork. The vocalist's voice is rich and powerful at all times, yet often melancholy. Even the angry verses of 'You Hate Me, You Want Me,' projected with punk-like fervor, are broken by moments of slow and harmonious melancholy. As previously mentioned, most of the music is quite energetic, so be prepared to be moved to move as well as moved to sing along.

Distorted RealityIn a nutshell, this band ROCKS. Those are the only three words that really need to be remembered from this review, and they can't be stressed enough. Find a copy and pick it up NOW. The production value is also inordinately high for a demo, making the find all the more worthwhile.

Distorted Reality is definitely a worthwhile addition to the ranks of female-fronted electronic bands, right up there with Collide and Dissonance, and I heartily suggest that fans of either of these two bands, at the very least, give this demo a listen. While it is not guaranteed to distort anyone's reality (after all, that's what drugs are for), I do think that it makes this one a bit more pleasant to exist in.

Contact Information:
Mail: Christian Kobusch, Stapenhorst Str. 81, 33615 Bielefeld Germany
Phone: (49) 521-139280