CD Review

Lucid Dementia - "Twisted"

By Marcus Pan

TwistedThe key to understanding the work of Lucid Dementia is its mission. Sheldon, the brains behind the project, describes the mission in a letter to me that accompanied the "Twisted" CD. "The general idea behind the music was to create dark and fantastic music that would support an equally dark stage show." The live performers, aptly called the "Tribe of the Tantrick Puke Whores," have done this through the use of "Lucid Dementia," who is actually the female alienesque puppet who "sings" the lead vocals for their music while on stage. So now you have a bit of understanding behind what Sheldon and his gang are trying to do - it's not just the music. It's the whole package.

Lucid's lyrics are very anti-religious…that's the first thing you'll notice. The opening track, named the same as the CD, is downright accusational. Before I was halfway through track 1, "Twisted," I found myself thinking, "These folks got BALLS!" This track blasts God beliefs with the statement "Everybody's twisted by your name." It goes on to elaborate, of course, but this portion of the first stanza stays with you. The vocals are distorted and surreal, a testament to the fact that they are sung by puppet Lucid Dementia, and this fact remains throughout the album.

Lucid tells us stories. She tells us of the man who is so deep in love with his girlfriend that following her death he refuses to let her go still…and thereafter robs her grave of the body. She'll tell you about "Wrazor Wrist Grrl," a torn teenager obsessed with curing her own mental pain by cutting it from herself physically. She even tells of her own indifference towards her imaginary treatment by others of society in "Strange Kiss," proclaiming, "Yes, I am a freak…I am weird. Yes, I am a creep." For a puppet, Lucid's been around a lot more than most people and seen things that would make those people shit their eyeballs.

LucyKey portions of many songs on this CD, besides Lucid's poetry-style lyrics and surreally spoken vocals, seems to be the bass. The bass, whether it be guitar or electronically driven, takes a major part of the songs. It is this portion that moves the songs along, providing the forward momentum and providing a danceable, albeit strange, rhythm. A few of the tracks highlight the drums more than the bass, but it's always there; strong and vital.

Some of my favorite tracks include the eighth track on the CD, "Cannibal." The lyrics of this song are forceful, the bass and drums swapping rhythm like whores swap spit. Check out the chorus: "To be a good mother, to be a good father, you've got to be a cannibal. To procreate in a world you hate, you've got to be a cannibal." Awesome…and unfortunately enough closer to the truth than even I care to admit. This song is based on "A Modest Proposal," a writing by Jonathan Swift. Another that requires mention, and again because of the lyrics, is "Heroin Grin." In this story Lucid tells us about how easy it is to fall into the drug trap, heroin in this instance, and lose everything because you fell too hard…including love. More lyrics I have to share from "Heroin Grin" (track 6): "Honey comes home with a look in her eye, wherve you been? Out dancing with a pin…" Raw and to the bone.

Somehow I managed to enjoy this CD without the need to see Lucid Dementia on stage…but some day I might be able to. You see, Sheldon tells me just recently that Lucid Dementia and the rest of the Tribe is going to be featured in a major event down their way called "The Meat Market," an industro-fetish event that Lucid and Sheldon will get to go to, stand up and throw their bouncing bass and raw, demented, truthful lyrics around. If you get a chance to catch this act, alien puppet and all, get there. I imagine with the proper visuals, the music on this CD is something you won't soon forget.

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