Rants & Essays


By Douglas Rosich

I wanted to write you - because of a sunrise I was privileged to witness. The main reason why I got to see it is because you kept me up so late. Don't get me wrong- I was an enthusiastic and happy participant.

You see - I don't often see the sunrise. I hate it. As soon as the sky starts to lose its blackness, and a twinge of blue starts to creep in - something inside me says "you've been up WAY too late, damnit" and I will literally stop whatever I'm doing to run for the covers. I guess I figure if I can get to sleep before the sun rises, I can trick my body into thinking it got a good night sleep. In any case - I have probably seen at most 10 sunrises in my life. Probably less.

But YOU kept that blind drawn - and I lost track of the time. And when I was finally on my way the sky was hardly dark at all. Traveling was amazing. I've *never* seen the city so quiet - like I had it to myself. Literally not a soul out driving yet. I saw one man on foot.

As I crossed the Mass Ave. bridge, the view was gorgeous. The Charles was lit up bright orange and shimmering. And the downtown buildings were just black silhouettes - backlit by the orange sky. The sun was right behind them, and still below the horizon.

As I reached the upper deck of 93, I was high enough to see the horizon, the sun was just cracking over it. It seemed SO bright - and clear and sharp. Not sure why. Not like those sunsets on the west coast - where the thin haze/fog over the ocean seems to filter and mask the piercing light - which I saw that morning. It was very brilliant.

All I had to do was look to the right - and for my 20 minute drive I got to see it grow from a sliver to a full ball above the horizon. By the time I got home the sky was blue again, only a slight hint of dawn darkness remained. And to make it a perfect morning, as I walked to my door there was a chatty crow talking to me. Really just cawing away from his tree far above me. "Caw Caw Caw - wait! Dont go inside yet. I'm not done yet." So I stood and listened for a while.

And then, off to bed.