I shrunk the font size a bit this issue so that I can cut down on the number of pages (save a tree and all that), but I’m keeping with the similar lettering style so that each issue is easy to read. The cut in pages doesn’t effect a cut in product though – there’s as much this issue as there was last issue.

On what to expect in September’s Legends #90 (only ten shy of the big One Oh Oh!), I’m feeling benevolent so I’m give you a real good teaser.

I try my hand at interviewing for the first time since A Too Gothic Interview from way back in Legends #70 with Testify. The Winter Chapter talks with Jett Black and Pan spins their latest release. Dan reviews Licorice’s Sulk and Testify’s Crack the Mind. Pan reviews Falling Janus, Vampire Nation, Chocolate Grinder and more.

Off The Shelf returns with a review of New Orleans novelist Paulette Crain’s first novel, DeLore’s Confession. Also, a special – an interview with Paullette Crain to give you further insights into her new creation.

Ask Psiguy:
Our paranormal professor down in the deep and hidden Legends’ laboratories of the cabal (there is no cabal!) hasn’t spoken to us since turning in his research and written phenomena on the Ouija board (this issue), so we’re only going to assume that he’s hard at work developing further tests, researching paranormal theories and disproving scientific fact (just last week he tried to convince me I was once a mushroom or something).

Essays and Humor:
Julian returns with the second part of “Vegas, Baby!” and Richard Lovig is back with something very different; “A Classic (sort of) Fairy Tale.” RPM continues his ghost story series in addition to his new duties as head of the Legends’ laborotories of the cabal (there is no cabal!) – Para/Reali/Quasi/Semi-Normal Sector with “Heavenly Haunt.”

I have to go now. I heard something break downstairs and have to go make sure RPM didn’t dump ectoplasm all over my Batmobile…he’s been starting to believe in that Flux Capacitor thing don’t ya know…

Peace, love and all the trimmings…(but NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
July 26, 1999 @ 4:08AM

Less than twelve hours later!