CD Review

Collide – “Deep Violet’s Dance”

By Marcus Pan

Deep VIolet's DanceCollide is a duo from California made up of members Statik & KARin. Together these two create ambient-like pop with a trip-hop edge to it. On their CD “Deep Violet’s Dance,” which is actually a single, they provide for us their songs “Deep” and “Violet’s Dance,” both of which are mixed up and served in multiple versions. Both of these tracks were originally from Collide’s “Beneath the Skin” release put out by Re-Constriction in 1996 and then re-released as in import in Germany by Nightshade/Offbeat that same year. They’ve followed up since then with a second full-length entitled “Distort” which I unfortunately haven’t heard yet. I have plans to however.

“Deep” is a song suitable for dance-floor play. The guitars within it are somewhere between acoustic and electric, having that obvious electrically-helped sound but never quite going to the heavy riff stage. KARin’s vocals throughout are ethereal and ghostlike – high and shimmering. “Violet’s Dance” is a very trip-hop song. KARin continues with the high-pitched vocals and the song strikes in, following some intro work, with a very fast rhythm and beat. The song is much more experimental than “Deep” and has a lot of fading sounds that flow in and out throughout the mix. It can get distracting sometimes. I couldn’t understand much of what KARin was singing throughout “Violet’s Dance” until I checked out the lyrics on their web site.

The last three tracks on this CD single are remixes of the first two. The Christ Analogue Club mix of “Deep” adds a bit of an industrialized beat to it with a good amount of noise thrown in – kind of a scratchiness just under the surface of the drum track. The addition of this beat and the stripping away of the guitars forces KARin’s vocals into the spotlight on this mix. Next comes the Apparatus NC Club Mix of “Violet’s Dance.” This version adds in more funky sounds, beats and loops, but for the most part keeps it true to form. The last track on this CD is the acoustic Version of “Deep.” If you remember what I had mentioned in the above paragraph, you can see how this would be extremely similar to the original “Deep” on the first track of this CD. And as expected, it is just that. The drums and beats are stripped out and all that’s left is KARin’s voice and Statik’s acoustic guitar. I do enjoy this one – it has a folk quality.

I’m not going to develop too lengthy of a summary of Collide as I do at the end of most of my reviews – I’m going to save that until I get a copy of “Distort.” It’s hard to formulate an opinion based on two songs from a band. I do like what I’ve heard thus far, however.

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Post: Collide, P.O. Box 2684, Van Nuys, CA, 91404-2684