RPG Gaming

Becoming Lost

By Marcus Pan

Wilderness adventures can be fun while at the same time very dangerous and nerve-wracking. But nothing is so nerve-wracking as finding out one is LOST. There is ALWAYS a chance of becoming lost, unless a party is following a road or trail, river, or some other landmark. The maps available throughout the realm of Albinor are good up-to-date maps, and using one while travelling in the wilderness negates the chances of becoming lost.

The chances of becoming lost are different for types of terrain:

PLAIN: 1 in 10
SCRUB: 3 in 10
FOREST: 7 in 10
ROUGH: 3 in 10
DESERT: 4 in 10
HILLS: 2 in 10
MOUNTAINS: 5 in 10
MARSH: 6 in 10

A D10 is rolled at the beginning of each day in the wilderness, and using the chances above for different terrain types, it is determined whether the party is lost or not. By rolling a D4, direction is determined (1-2 indicates left, 3-4 indicates right). If a party decides to head south, and it is determined they are lost, the party will actually head either southeast (1-2) or southwest (3-4). If they decide to turn southwest halfway through the day, the will ACTUALLY be turning south OR west, depending on their actual travel. I.E. - party decides to head north, but they are lost and actually head northeast. They decide to turn northeast, but they are now actually going east.