RPG Gaming

Random Encounters

By Marcus Pan

With travelling, distances, locations, lost determinations, and many more things going on, adventures that deal with long-distance wilderness travel can become complicated. Any method of simplifying this should be used and also taken advantage of. When it comes to determining random encounters, there is normally two charts used. I will eliminate both of them now.

The first chart often used determines the chances of an encounter based on civilized population. Drop this and use a D10 constantly. There should be the same chances of meeting a wolf in the wilderness than there is to meet a patrol or merchant on a road.

The other table is the one that says how many encounter checks by land types per day. Drop this as well, using 3 checks per day anywhere, for morning, afternoon, and night, and 3 optional checks for the evening times as well. The elimination of these two unneeded charts, and the use of simple numbers that are easy to remember and apply quickly, makes for a smoother and more efficiently run (and more fun) long-distance wilderness adventure.